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Terms of Service

The Callboot project and members of the team do not agree to receive unsolicited emails or unsolicited phone calls. We do not want your financial transactions, energy suppliers, stock tips, dating advice, organ enlargements, medical procedures, prescription drugs, webinars or other fodder you think is a great idea for us.

Our Terms of Service demand a fee of $10,000 USD for each unwanted phone call or unwanted email we have to tend to. The project and members of the team determine what is unwanted. As a rule of thumb you can presume a "cold call" or anything we did not ask for is unwanted.

You may contact us using postal mail to avoid the fee. We are happy recycle the paper.

By the using the website or using our contact infomation like email address or phone number, you agree to the Terms of Service.

Privacy Statement

We do our best to respect your privacy. If you visit the website we collect the time of the visit, your browser information and your IP address. The collection happens automatically due to Nginx logging.

If you choose to file complaints, then we share your name, address and telephone number when filing with the UCC, FTC and FCC because it is required to submit the complaint.

We will share your data with law enforcement if we are compelled by a court.

We don't share your data with anyone else, including advertisers, telemarketers, bill collectors or other miscreants.

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